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Improper tree work can put your trees at risk. There are a number of tree care contractors in Vancouver WA that work without proper licenses or insurance. It means when you work with them; homeowner policies won’t cover any damage or injuries caused due to the under-licensed and under-insured contractor leaving you in financial burden.

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Pruning is the most common type of tree maintenance in any landscaped property.

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Timber TEKS ensures a high standard of safety and integrity on every commercial & residential landscaping project we manage.

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Tree Removal FAQs:

Five Questions We Get All the Time
We get questions about the in’s and out’s of professional tree removal every day. We’ve compiled a tree removal FAQ to answer these questions and help you determine what to do with that tree in your yard.

Trees need to be pruned for a number of reasons including: safety, aesthetics and tree health. Broken or dead branches can be dangerous if they fall - oftentimes without warning, even on a calm day! If a tree’s branches grow too big for the tree or are too close to your roof or chimney, they need to be pruned and cleared to prevent them from damaging your home. From an aesthetic perspective, pruning can help make a tree look better or provide you with a better view of your property or horizon. If you are thinking about pruning a tree, be sure to use a Certified Arborist. Unskilled and uneducated workers can damage your trees and property.

By its very nature, tree work is dangerous and should only be done by a professional. Liability insurance is important because it protects you, the homeowner, and your property from potential risk and damage. Workman’s compensation insurance protects tree professionals while they are working on a job. When you are seeking to hire a tree company, be sure to request proof of comprehensive insurance from their insurance carrier before any work is started. If you have any doubts, call the insurance carrier for verification.

Hazard assessment is one of the jobs of your arborist. As trees grow and age they become subject to many stress factors that may affect their structural integrity. It is important to have a certified arborist visit your outdoor home and advise you of any possible danger from tree failure.

Trees, like us, have a life span. Depending on species and environment, trees can live for hundreds of years. There are still many large trees alive today that were living when our country was founded. Knowing the history of your outdoor home will help you determine the age of your trees as some may be part of the original landscape and others added later on. Unfortunately, the best way to tell a tree’s age is to count the growth rings when it is cut down - something we want to avoid!

There are many. The natural beauty that a tree brings to your outdoor home is beyond measure. Seeing seasons turn through the changes in a tree, seeing the leaves emerge during early spring, enjoying the beauty of the blooming season and watching the tree as it prepares for winter reminds us of the natural cycles in life. Planting a tree can be a wonderful experience. As you care for the tree, as years pass and as you watch it grow it becomes a part of your outdoor home and will eventually become an old friend.

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